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Issue 3  - May,

Issue 4 - June,

Issue 5 - September,

Issue 6 - December and
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Online ISSN 2247 - 806X

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EDITOR IN CHIEF  - Professor Marian Creţu, PhD


EXECUTIVE EDITOR  - Professor Ion Mihăilă, PhD

Head of Coordinating Advisory Editors

Associate Professor Del P. WONG, Dr. Philos., Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Coordinating Advisory Editors

Professor Mihailescu Liliana, PhD – University of Piteşti, Romania
Associated Professor, Livre Docente - Cassiano Merussi Neiva, PhD, University Estadual Paulista, Bauru, São Paulo, Brasil

Editing and Proofreading
Full Professor P. E. Pedagogy Dr. N. K. Rathee,  Director, Education Graduate Programs at the Delaware State University, USA


International Advisory Board of Reviewers

Professor Vladimir Zatsiorsky, PhD - Pennsylvania State University, Biomechanics Lab, United States of America
Professor  Renato Manno PhD - Esperto in Teoria e Metodologia dell’Allenamento Facoltà di Scienze Motorie, L’Aquila, Italy e Direttore del Dipartimento di Scienza dello Sport, Istituto di Medicina e Scienza dello sport del Coni
Professor Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT, OCS, National Director of Sport Rehabilitation for Physo-therapy. Associates in Suwanee, GA, University Rocky Mountain, United States of America
Professor  Giuseppe Banfi, PhD - University of Milan, Italy, Clinical Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Director of Research Projects, Scientific Institute Galeazzi, Milan
Professor Pedro Pérez Soriano Dr.- Universidad de Valencia, Spain, Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte
Professor Kotzamanidis Christos Ph.D - Departament of Physical Education and Sport Science Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece, Reffery in international journal, JSS, BJSM, JSMS, MPC
Professor Jošt Bojan, PhD - Science of Sport,  Dean Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Professor  Weimo Zhu, Ph.D. - Department of Kinesiology & Community Health University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America
Professor. Dr. H. Van Coppenolle - Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium, Professor. Ass. Mag. Dr.
Professor  Mário A. Cardoso Marques, PhD, Sports Science Department, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal, Researcher Lab Director
Associated Professor, Livre Docente - Cassiano Merussi Neiva, PhD, University Estadual Paulista, Faculty of Science - Laboratory of Metabolism and Exercise Physiology (MEFE) - Bauru, São Paulo, Brasil
Professor Steven Morrison, College of Humanities and Social Science The University of Edinburgh,  UNITED KINGDOM
Professor Ricardo J. Fernandes, PhD, Centre of Research, Education, Innovation and Intervention in Sport, Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal
Professor Daniel Merinho, PhD , - University of Beira Interior, Department of Sport Science, Portugal
Assistant Professor P. E. Pedagogy Dr. N. K. Rathee, Delaware State University, USA
Assistant Professor Rolf Kretschmann, PhD, University of Stuttgart, Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Germany
Researcher Filipe Manuel Clemente, Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education, University of Coimbra Portugal
Associate Professor and Program Leader Del P. WONG, Faculty of Management and Hospitality, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, China
Professor Vitaly A. Kashuba, PhD – National University of Physical Education and Sport, Kyev, Ukraine
Full Professor of Methods and Didactics of Sport Activities, Mario Lipoma University of Enna “Kore”, Italy
Assistant Professor  Nadia Carlomagno, PhD, University "Suor Orsola Benincasa" of Naples, Italy
Full Professor Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Department of Eucation, Cultural heritage and Turism. University of Macerata, Italy
Professor Gregory C. Bogdanis, PhD, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, University of Athens, Greece.
Lecturer Nikolaidis Pantelis T., Hellenic Army Academy, Department, of Physical and Cultural Education, Thermopylon 7, Nikaia 184 50, Athens, Greece
Antonio Jesús Sánchez Oliver, ID: 28780305Z - Special correspondent editor, Seville University. SPAIN
Prof. Carmen Palumbo - Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences, University of Salerno
Martin Dietze-Hermosa M.S., CSCS, USAW, FMS, College of Health Sciences, The University of Texas at El Paso, USA
Dr Chrisa (Chrysovalantou) Eleni Xirouchaki, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University,  Clayton  AUSTRALIA


National Advisory Board of Reviewers

Professor Stăncioiu Aurelia Felicia, PhD - Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania
Professor Damian Mirela, PhD - Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Romania
Professor Grigore Vasilica, PhD - National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest, Romania
Professor Dobrescu Tatiana, PhD - University of Bacau, Romania
 Assistants’ Executive Editor

Associate professor Rosu Daniel, PhD;
Associate professor Fleancu Leonard, PhD;
Lecturer PhD Mihai Ilie;

Editorial Office:
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+40 248 218 276

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